Research Education Clinical Performances
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Title Name Researcher information
Professor KINUGASA Yuusuke
Associate Professor NAKAJIMA Yasuaki
Associate Professor TOKUNAGA Masanori
Junior Associate Professor KAWADA Kenro
Junior Associate Professor MATSUYAMA Takatoshi
Assistant Professor KIKUCHI Akifumi
Assistant Professor TOKAIRIN Yutaka
Assistant Professor HOSHINO AKIHIRO
Assistant Professor OKADA Takuya
Project Assistant Professor CHIBA TETSUMA
Graduate Student MIURA Tomiyuki
Graduate Student ORITA Fukuichirou
Graduate Student SASAKI Megumi
Graduate Student KAWAMURA Yuudai
Graduate Student YAMAGUCHI Kazuya
Graduate Student TAKAOKA Ayumi
Graduate Student GOKITA Kentaro
Graduate Student TANIOKA Toshiro
Graduate Student KANEMOTO Emi
Senior Resident MATSUI Toshihiro
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1) Development of esophageal surgery.
2) Development of gastric surgery.
3) Development of colorectal surgery.
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 The history of the department started as both the Department of Esophageal and General Surgery and the Department of Surgical Oncology of TMDU, and many surgeons and researchers in various specialties have gathered and have been keeping a high level of activities. Our main purposes of education are to make the post-graduate physicians grown up to excellent surgeons and to contribute in development of medical/surgical sciences. Surgeons with high-level medical knowledge and techniques are expected to grow up in this department. Moreover, making surgeons with matured humanity is one of the purposes. The department has a peaceful atmosphere and stands for active work in solving difficult problems.
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Clinical Performances

 Main clinical services are diagnosis and treatment for esophageal, gastric and colorectal diseases. Post-graduate students learn and study general surgery and sub-specialty, e.g. esophageal surgery, gastric surgery and colorectal surgery. The territory of clinics is wide and the department provides a full spectrum of standard and special technologies such as minimally invasive surgery and extended radical surgery for malignancies.
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