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  • 2021.04
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Division of Gerontology and Gerodontology, Department of Dysphagia Rehabilitation, Graduate Student

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  1. Rieko Moritoyo, Kohei Yamaguchi, Kazuharu Nakagawa, Kanako Yoshimi, Ryosuke Yanagida, Sirinthip Amornsuradech, Ryota Kanai, Haruka Tohara. Relationship between Oral Hypofunction and masseter muscle characteristics. ADS 2023 International Conference 2023.11.09 Suwon Convention Center, Vicinity of Seoul, Korea

  2. Komori Sayaka, Yamaguchi Kohei, Nakagawa Kazuharu, Yoshimi kanako, Yanagida Ryosuke, Amornsuradech Sirinthip, Tohara Haruka. Six-month change in oral intake scale of older people requiring long-term care who underwent videoendoscopic evaluation of swallowing in home-visit dental care. The 1st International Conference of Asian Dysphagia Society 2023.11.08 Venue Suwon Convention Center, Vicinity of Seoul, Korea

  3. Kazuharu Nakagawa, Sirinthip Amornsuradech. Role of dentists in dysphagia management :Exchanges between Thailand and Japan. 第29回日本摂食嚥下リハビリテーション学会学術大会 2023.09.03 横浜

  4. Ryosuke Yanagida, Kohei Yamaguchi, Kazuharu Nakagawa, Chantaramanee Ariya, Patcharaphol Samnieng, Sirinthip Amorsuradech, Kanako Yoshimi, Ayako Nakane, Haruka Tohara. Investigations and activities on Oral Hypofunction in Thailand. IAGG Asia/Oceania Regional Congress 2023 2023.06.14

  5. Ryosuke Yanagida, Kohei Yamaguchi, Kazuharu Nakagawa, Chantaramanee Ariya, Patcharaphol Samnieng, Rieko Moritoyo, Sirinthip Amornsuradech, Kanako Yoshimi, Haruka Tohara. International comparison of oral function among community-dwelling older adults between Thailand and Japan.. FDCU International Symposium 2023 2023.05.23 Bangkok, Thailand

  6. Akira Yoshizawa,Shinya Saito, Sirinthip Amornsuradech, Kazuharu Nakagawa,Kohei Yamaguchi,Kanako Yoshimi, Haruka Tohara . Online swallowing evaluation can be an effective modality for bed bounded patient considering prevention of COVID-19 infection . World Dysphagia Summit 2021 2021.08.21

  7. Taishi Yamada, Kohei Yamaguchi, Kazuharu Nakagawa, Ayako Nakane, Kanako Yoshimi,Sirinthip Amornsuradech,Haruka Tohara. Inventing new type of denture shaped alternative vocalization. World Dysphagia Summit 2021.08.21 Nagoya

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