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Gau Maki

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Graduate Student

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  • 2012.04
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Medical Hospital, Central Clinical Facilities, Professional Development Center, Resident
  • 2015.04
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Bio-Environmental Response, Pediatrics and Developmental Biology, Resident
  • 2018.04
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Medical Hospital, Hospital Departments, Department of Pediatrics, Maternal and Woman's Medicine, Pediatrics, Project Assistant Professor
  • 2019.04
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, -, -, Graduate Student

Published Papers & Misc 【 display / non-display

  • Gau Maki, Konishi Kaoru, Takasawa Kei, Nakagawa Ryuichi, Tsuji-Hosokawa Atsumi, Hashimoto Atsuko, Sutani Akito, Tajima Toshihiro, Hasegawa Tomonobu, Morio Tomohiro, Kashimada Kenichi. The progression of salt-wasting and the body weight change during the first 2 weeks of life in classical 21-hydroxylase deficiency patients CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY. 2021.02; 94 (2): 229-236. ( PubMed, DOI )

  • Yamauchi Takeru, Imamura Masatoshi, Takasawa Kei, Nakajima Keisuke, Nakagawa Ryuichi, Gau Maki, Sugie Manabu, Taki Atsuko, Kawai Masahiko, Kashimada Kenichi, Morio Tomohiro. Prematurity at less than 24 weeks of gestation is a risk for prolonged hyperglycemia in extremely low-birth weight infants ENDOCRINE. 2020.10; 70 (1): 71-77. ( PubMed, DOI )

  • Yamauchi T, Takasawa K, Kamiya T, Kirino S, Gau M, Inoue K, Hoshino A, Kashimada K, Kanegane H, Morio T. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation recovers insulin deficiency in type 1 diabetes mellitus associated with IPEX syndrome. Pediatric diabetes. 2019.11; 20 (7): 1035-1040. ( PubMed, DOI )

  • Satoh Kaoru, Wakejima Yoko, Gau Maki, Kiguchi Tomoyuki, Matsuda Nozomi, Takasawa Reiko, Takasawa Kei, Nishioka Masato, Shimohira Masayuki. Risk of coronary artery lesions in young infants with Kawasaki disease: need for a new diagnostic method INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RHEUMATIC DISEASES. 2018.03; 21 (3): 746-754. ( PubMed, DOI )

  • Gau Maki, Takasawa Kei. Initial patient choice of a growth hormone device improves child and adolescent adherence to and therapeutic effects of growth hormone replacement therapy JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM. 2017.09; 30 (9): 989-993. ( PubMed, DOI )

Conference Activities & Talks 【 display / non-display

  • Poor response to growth hoormone therapy for short-stature children born severe small for gestational age as a clinical feature of 3M syndrome. 2018.10.04

  • Early intervention with ezetimibe for 2 cases of sitosterolemia. 2018.10.04

  • A sudy on patients with childhood onset diabetes who introduced Free Style Libre at our facilities.. 2018.10.04

  • Small for geatational age children without catch up growth also tend to raise insulin resistance. 2018.10.04