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Epigenetics and Genetics are basics of biology that enables us to elucidate several ‘genomic functions’ in inheritance, development and evolution of the organisms including our human beings. Genomic imprinting is a mammalian-specific epigenetic mechanism that gives rise to functional differences between paternally- and maternally-derived genomes in development, behavior and growth. Somatic cloned animals give us unique chances to examine ‘genetically identical but epigenetically diverged animals’. Mammalian-specific LTR retrotransposon-derived genes are essential for mammalian development, such as placenta and brain functions. These studies show us how Epigenetics and Genetics are important in mammalian biology. We focus on these mammalian-specific genomic functions to elucidate how these genomic functions work and have been evolved as new genomic functions during evolution. Our final goal is to contribute to the human biology as well as medicine in the 21st century by novel understanding of genomic functions.
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1) Genomic imprinting in human and mammalian development and diseases (Role of PEG11/RTL1 in Kagami-Ogata syndrome and Temple syndrome)
2) Function of Rtx lncRNA in X chromosome inactivation.
3) Domesticated genes from LTR retrotransposons/retroviruses and mammalian evolution
4) Assisted reproductive technology: its epigenetic effects and safer application.
5) Genomic imprinting memory in ES cells
6) EnIGMA method: a new method for simultaneous identification of methyl cytosine and hydroxymethylcytosine
7) Heart organoid generation from ES and iPS cells
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Graduate School of Medical and Dental Science
Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Track
Biomedical Science
Medical and Dental Science and Technology Track
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Develeopmenta and Regenerative Bioscience
Molecular Cell Biology
  Introduction to Human Molecular Genetics

Faculty of Medicine
Molecular Genetics
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Lectures & Courses

Obtain basic and applicative knowledges and techniques by challenging cutting-edge themes.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

Research Center for Science Systems, Senior Researcher
Japan Society for Biological Sciences, Board member
Japan Society for Epigenetics, Board member
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