Outline Research
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Title Name Researcher information
Professor NISHINA Hiroshi
Junior Associate Professor KOFUJI Satoshi
Assistant Professor NAKANO Yasuhiro
Assistant Professor TANAKA Taku
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Our goal is to define the molecular basis for the mechanism of organ formation and regeneration using knockout mice
and mutant fishes. To accomplish this goal, we have focused on defining signaling molecules and pathways that regulate
liver formation and stress responses. Moreover, we are trying to establish a cell therapy for intractable diseases such as
liver failures using self-bone marrow cells. Our study will provide new insights into understanding the precise molecular
mechanisms that underlie organ failures found in human disease and will lead to the development of new rational therapy
for the diseases.
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1. Studies on vertebrate early embryogenesis
2. Studies on vertebrate organogenesis
3. Studies on organ homeostasis
4. Studies on behavioral rhythm
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