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Books, etc

  1. Miyuki Tabata, Yuji Miyahara. Biosensors based on field-effect transistors. Springer 2019.08 (ISBN : 978-981-13-7611-5)

  1. Yukichi Horiguchi, Yukio Nagasaki. Encyclopedia of Biocolloid and Biointerface Science. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2016.06 (ISBN : 978-1-1185-4276-7)

  1. "Intelligent surfaces for solid-state nano-biosensing devices", in intelligent Surfaces in Biotechnology: Scientific and Engineering Concepts, Enabling Technologies, and Translation to Bio-Oriented Applications. Wiley & Sons Inc. 2012

  1. intelligent surfaces for solid-state nano-biosensing devices in intelligent surfaces: polymeric coatings for applications in bio-related and life sciences. Wiley & Sons Inc. 2011

  1. microbial genetic analysis based on field effect transistors in principle of bacterial detection: biosensors, recognition receptors and microsystems. Springer Science + Bussiness Media. LCC. 2008

  1. Silk, Handbook of Fiber Chemistry Third Edition. Menachem Lewin 2006

  1. Yukio Nagasaki, Yukichi Horiguchi. 2013 Nanocarbon Technology Outlook. 2012.11

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Awards & Honors

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