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Title Name Researcher information
Professor KISHIDA Akio
Associate Professor KIMURA Tsuyoshi
Assistant Professor HASHIMOTO Yoshihide
Project Researcher KOBAYASHI Mako
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Our laboratory has dealt with many research topics from the fundamental study of biomaterials in terms of material engineering to the application study of the medical devices.
The key words of our policy are "contribution to medical care" and "exploration of basic scientific principles".
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In order to develop technologies that contribute to the medical and dental care, there is a need for a system to build up the design concepts at the molecular level and to realize it. Based on polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry, we proceed a research aimed at specific clinical applications using cell engineering, genetic engineering techniques. Target area are new medical material development, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, and the treatment engineering.

(1) Regenerative medicine using decellularized biological tissues
In order to remove the xenogeneic cells, the living tissue is decellularized using a new processing method, high-hydrostatic pressure (HHP) method has been developed. Using this process, complete removal of infectious bacteria, viruses, and cells was accomplished.

(2) Development of processing and high-performance technology for biological materials
This research focuses on developing functional materials with novel functions by processing biological materials. Specifically, we are conducting research on processing into powders, fibers, and hydrogels, and hybrid technology with functional molecules.

(3) Development of inflammatory evaluation method for biomaterials
Macrophages are polarized into an inflammatory type (M1 type) that contributes to inflammation and an anti-inflammatory type (M2 type) that contributes to healing. We are developing an inflammatory evaluation method for biomaterials using macrophages polarization in vitro.

(4) Immune control system: technology of specific cell capture and release
In cancer immunotherapy, by removing regulatory T cells (Treg) that negatively regulates immune reactions, to be able to enhance the anti-tumor immune responses have been revealed. We are developing technologies to capture and recover Treg using interfacial science.
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Our laboratory is in charge of lectures on "Medical Materials Engineering", "Applied Biomaterials", and "Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Industrial Engineering" in the graduate school, and "Biomedical Engineering" in the Faculty.
Through these lectures, we will explain from the basic knowledge of various materials to the molecular design theory required for device development.
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