Outline Research Education
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Title Name Researcher information
Professor MATSUZAKI Masayo
Associate Professor YUKA Ozasa
Assistant Professor HIROYAMA Natsuko
Graduate Student IMAMURA Misato
Graduate Student SATO Chizuru
Graduate Student TODA Ayumi
Graduate Student KATAOKA Ayaka
Project Researcher KAWATA RINA
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In 2023, significant developments occurred in our field as Professor Masayo Matsuzaki joined in April, followed by Associate Professor Yuka Ozasa in October. Together with Assistant Professor Natsuko Hiroyama, they embarked on a new journey. Professor Matsuzaki primarily conducts quantitative research related to women's health contributing to midwifery, while Associate Professor Ozasa focuses on qualitative research related to prenatal diagnosis. Assistant Professor Hiroyama engages in research on sexual victimization, violence, and support for victims, with a focus on health and rights related to sexuality and reproduction. The research and education activities span nursing, midwifery, and women's studies. Notably, all three have over six years of clinical experience, emphasizing collaboration with hospitals and incorporating clinical experience into discussions and research.

To enhance the visibility of the research laboratory, they actively participate in domestic and international lecture events and research presentations alongside students.

In undergraduate education, they handle lectures, exercises, practical training, and graduation theses in maternal nursing, which is essential for eligibility to take the national nursing examination. For students aspiring to pursue midwifery, they provide proactive guidance on career paths.

As for various health issues concerning reproduction, we explore preferable nursing through the perspective of the party (e.g., sexual minorities or domestic violence survivors). We will invite professional leaders to speak about the latest nursing practices and education, such as an international lactation consultant, in order to reinforce expertise in our field. For undergraduate students, we teach maternal health nursing, clinical nursing practicum on campus, and clinical nursing training at the hospitals, dealing with part of the content from the graduate program.
All faculty members completed Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner coursework (SANE).
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In order to promote the overall health and well-being of women, we are conducting the following research:

Research on conditions specific to women, including diseases and symptoms (conducted by Matsuzaki).
Mental support during the childcare period (conducted by Matsuzaki).
Support for breastfeeding (conducted by Matsuzaki).
Nursing and support for prenatal diagnosis (conducted by Ozasa).
Research on support for victims of sexual violence and domestic violence (conducted by Hiroyama).
The research methods employed include qualitative research (content analysis) and quantitative research using surveys (scale development, SEM, mixed-effects models). Additionally, biochemical research involving samples such as blood is also being conducted.
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In the academic year 2023, the graduate school has seven students enrolled in the integrated doctoral program, spanning five years. Additionally, six undergraduate students have submitted their theses. Graduate students and thesis students participate in separate seminars, presenting their research progress bi-weekly and advancing their studies through discussion. Graduate students are individually responsible for journal reading, critique, and engaging in discussions on papers of interest. Within this framework, they conduct training sessions for presentation and question-and-answer sessions, preparing for their degree examinations.
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