Outline Research Education
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Title Name Researcher information
Professor OKUBO Noriko
Junior Associate Professor MISUMI Junko
Assistant Professor HIROYAMA Natsuko
Graduate Student SUZUKI Misato
Graduate Student SUZUKI Yumiko
Graduate Student MORII Chiduru
Graduate Student TODA Ayumi
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In this field, we focus on teaching and research mainly on reproductive health and rights. To develop competency required for researchers of nursing or midwifery, we work on critiques of research methods based on the historical background, applied research methods, perinatal view, and a holistic view of women’s life stage, from EBP and NBP perspectives. As for various health issues concerning reproduction, we explore preferable nursing through the perspective of the party (e.g., sexual minorities or domestic violence survivors). We will invite professional leaders to speak about the latest nursing practices and education, such as an international lactation consultant, in order to reinforce expertise in our field. For undergraduate students, we teach maternal health nursing, clinical nursing practicum on campus, and clinical nursing training at the hospitals, dealing with part of the content from the graduate program.
All faculty members completed Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner coursework (SANE).
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We are working on various methods for our research, for example, hermeneutical phenomenology, grounded theory, epidemiology, ethnographical research, inductive and deductive approach, and narrative methods, depending on inquiries.
Our policy is not only to understand methods, but to make sense of the history of traditions and philosophy of the methods.
Our goal is to gain capabilities for research that develop the knowledge of midwifery, nursing science, and human sciences, and to improve nursing practice for women and sexual minorities.
Of course, we are learning the rationale for the practice of midwifery, including alternative medicine, psychoanalysis, counseling theory, attachment theory, bonding theory, nursing theory, and midwifery theory.
Noriko has worked on infant mental health with members of the child and family nursing department. Junko has been working on domestic violence prevention. Now, we are developing an educational program for expecting parents during the prenatal period.
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 Now, we have seven doctoral students in 2020.
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