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Title Name Researcher information
Associate Professor MATSUNAGA Asami
Graduate Student Takahama Keiko
Graduate Student Tomikawa Akiko
Graduate Student OIKAWA Erina
Graduate Student KURIHARA Junko
Graduate Student NARA Mayui
Graduate Student HIRAIWA Chiaki
Graduate Student CHIBANA Fumika
Graduate Student HIRATANI Nanami
Graduate Student HADA Ayako
Student WANG Jingyi
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The mission of the main researches and the field of education of our department are:
1. Care and support for recovery of patients as well as their families with psychiatric and mental disorders.
2. Care and support for adolescence patients and their families with mental health problems.
3. Researches to promote discharges and community living for patients with severe mental illness.
4. Researches to improve the quality of psychiatric and mental health nursing care areas.
5. Researches for forensic psychiatry and it's nursing.
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