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1.Open-label trial of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on sleep quality
2.Development of the evaluation system for the efficacy of oral appliances on obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.
3.Development of Non-contact polysomnograph system.
4.The association between OSA and short term blood-pressure variability.
5.The association between OSA and interstitial pneumonia.
6. 24 hours SpO2 monitoring for patients with chronic respiratory failure
7. Snore sound analysis for detecting OSA severity
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Education of sleep medicine for students, residents and technicians
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Clinical Services & Other Works

Clinical Center for Pleasant Sleep provides a variety of medical service for sleep disorder especially for sleep apnea syndrome.

・Out-patient Clinic
Monday: PM Dr. Fujie, Dr.Kobayashi (Pulmonary Medicine) 
Tuesday: AM Dr. Hirai (Psychiatry)
Wednesday: AM Dr. Miyazaki (Pulmonary Medicine)
Thursday: AM Dr. Tamaoka
PM Dr. Tamaoka (Respiratory Physiology and Sleep Medicine)
Friday: AM Dr. Uezato (Psychiatry)
AM Dr. Tateishi
PM Dr. Tateishi(Pulmonary Medicine)

・Outpatient visits: 6,244 (New:313) for FY 2018
・Examination: polysomnography: 116 patiensts for FY 2018

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Clinical Performances

We aim to establish personalized medicine for OSA in collaboration with the Dental Clinic for Sleep Disorders.
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