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Anatomy and physiology are the primary disciplines taught in the field of anatomy and physiological sciences. Anatomy explores the morphology and structure of the human body from the organ to cellular and molecular levels. It is the most fundamental area of medical science. Physiology investigates what kind of mechanism is needed for each structural component of the human body to function, and how such components are integrated into the whole human body. Anatomy and physiology function like two wheels of a cart for the scientific understanding of the human body. These two subjects lay down the foundation required to study advanced subjects. The teaching team is committed to providing students with education that helps them master the basics of the subjects and successfully transition to the clinic.
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Morphology and biological information analysis uses various microscopic techniques including electron microscopy for observing the microstructure of the living tissue, with the primary aim of gaining new scientific knowledge. Cutting-edge research has been conducted in this area, such as the development of new imaging technologies and applying atomic force microscopy to biomedicine.
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Examination for Technology Stream: Human Anatomy Lecture, Human Anatomy Practicum, Physiological Examination Lecture I, Physiological Examination Practicum I, Theory of Advanced Medical Technology, General Lecture, Graduate Research Project

Examination for Nursing Stream: Anatomy, Physiology, Joint Practicum with Advanced and Basic Students (anatomy practicum)

Examination for Science Stream: Morphology and Biological Information Analysis Special Lecture A, Morphology and Biological Information Analysis Experiment A, Morphology and Biological Information Analysis Special Lecture
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Lectures & Courses

The teaching team provides students with education and research instructions that help them grow their interest to study and research in the field of medicine. The team simultaneously reviews feedback from students to improve the method of conducting lectures and practicums.
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