Outline Research Education Lectures & Courses


Medical Robotics Lab. focuses on the development of practical medical devices and systems based on robotics. Our research interests cover mechanical design and its control, wire-driven mechanism, welfare robotics and multidisciplinary collaborative research among medical, dental and engineering.
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1) Study on a Mobile Robot to Support Home Oxygen Therapy Patients
2) Wire-driven Mechanism with High Strength Synthetic Fiber Ropes – Basic Characteristics and its Application
3) Development of a Minimal Invasive Forceps Manipulator
4) Development of a New Medical Devices
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Learn design and control of medical devices based on robotics. Especially, actual demands from medical / welfare practices have the first priority for the development. Practice and experience from initial idea to final hardware prototyping so as to cultivate basic abilities as an engineer.
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Lectures & Courses

Enhance the ability to design and develop medical devices based on robotics.
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