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Title Name Researcher information
Professor WAKABAYASHI Noriyuki
Junior Associate Professor NOZAKI Kosuke
Junior Associate Professor WADA Junichiro
Assistant Professor HATTORI Mariko
Project Assistant Professor HARAGUCHI Mihoko
Project Assistant Professor MURASE Mai
Visiting Lecturer Hayashi Yoko
Visiting Lecturer UCHIKURA Keiichirou
Visiting Lecturer UCHIDA Hirofumi
Visiting Lecturer SUMITA Yuka
Visiting Lecturer UENO Takeshi
Graduate Student JIANG Mengtian
Graduate Student ZHANG Yihui
Graduate Student ZHENG Jingpu
Graduate Student ZHANG Maorui
Graduate Student YU Hongli
Graduate Student HAN Xuewei
Graduate Student CHUGH Anshul
Graduate Student WANG Jiangyu
Graduate Student BAI Ziyi
Graduate Student FARAG Ali Islam Elsayed Mahmoud Weldahmed
Graduate Student ZHANG Fan
Graduate Student PRADHAN NEHASHA
Graduate Student DING Zhiyuan
Graduate Student ZOU Shiqi
Graduate Student AHMED Sameir Mohamed Ali
Graduate Student HIRATA Asuka
Graduate Student TANAKA Satsuki
Graduate Student ALKRAYEM Bilal Lukman
Graduate Student MOURI Yuki
Graduate Student DONG Jialin
Graduate Student ZHOU Zhiwei
Graduate Student MIAO Menghan
Graduate Student KOYAMA Shinnsuke
Graduate Student TANIMOTO Miyuki
TANI Hiroko
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Historically, our department has inherited the clinical and research backgrounds that the First Department of Prosthodontics and the Department of Masticatory Function Rehabilitation were proud of, and we specialized in removable partial prosthodontics. After the reorganization of prosthodontic departments based on the research fields in 2021 and the acceptance of the staff from the Department of Maxillofacial Prosthetics because of its discontinuation in 2022, as the Department of Advanced Prosthodontics, now we are responsible for bridging the gap between basic sciences and clinical research on development of the prosthetic materials and technologies, as well as teaching and training dental professionals as our future human resources.
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1. Treatment Planning, Treatment and Evaluation in Prosthodontics
2. Design Optimization of Prosthodontic Biomaterials
3. Biological Evaluation of Oral Tissues in Prosthodontic Patients
4. Educational Development in Prosthodontics

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C): Noriyuki Wakabayashi, Takeshi Ueno, Shunsuke Inukai, Kosuke Nozaki, Kimihiro Yamashita, Masahiro Ona, Atsushi Takaichi, Yuka Kashima, Junichiro Wada
Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists: Kouji Nakata, Yusuke Toyoshima, Hisami Okawara, Kensuke Takakusaki, Gen Nabeshima, Hideaki Inagawa, Yasuha Ikawa
AMED Translational Research Program: Mihoko Haraguchi

Nissin Dental Products INC. (Noriyuki Wakabayashi)
Nissin Dental Products INC. (Noriyuki Wakabayashi)
MITSUI & CO., LTD. (Noriyuki Wakabayashi)
Tokuyama Dental Corporation (Noriyuki Wakabayashi)
Tokuyama Dental Corporation (Kosuke Nozaki)
Yamaha Corporation (Yuka Sumita)
Yamaha Corporation, Yamaha Music Foundation (Yuka Sumita, Mariko Hattori)
The MIKIYA Science And Technology Foundation (Yuka Sumita)
Tokyo metropolitan government (Yuka Sumita)
Innovation Idea Contest (Mariko Hattori)
Innovation Idea Contest (Mariko Hattori)

Huichuan Xu, Bin Li, Miona Utsumi, Zhao Qian, Kohei Komine, Zhang Maorui, Yu Hongli, Jiang Mengtian, Miao Menghan
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School of Dentistry
Year 1
Introduction to Dentistry

Year 3
Tooth Carving
Introduction to Clinical Dentistry
Observation and assistance at clinic term I and II
Basic Occlusal Reconstruction
Introduction to Research article writing and Patent acquisition

Year 4
Research Project
Removable Partial Prosthodontics
Advanced knowledge and skill with occlusion
Experience learning of dental practice

Years 5 and 6
Case study
Dental Practice and Clinical Practicum for Comprehensive Patient Care (Clinical Internship)

School of Oral Health Care Sciences, School of Oral Health Care Sciences
Year 2 Prosthodontics
Years 3 and 4 Practice for Dental Hygiene Care

School of Oral Health Care Sciences, Course for Oral Health Engineering
Year 2 Removable Prosthodontics Technology

Extension Course
TMDU International Faculty Development Course (IFDC). 7 April, 14 April, 21 April, 6 October 2023.
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Lectures & Courses

This Department offers a variety of educational courses pertaining to the specialized clinical management of tooth loss, primarily for undergraduate students at the School of Dentistry. The courses include lectures, tutorials, hands-on sessions, clinical simulations, and clinical internship instructions.
The ability to perform clinical operations on patients with tooth loss, including the skills required for medical interviews, oral examinations, diagnosis, decision making, impression making, bite registration, denture design and technology, and denture delivery and maintenance, is essential for clinical dental professionals. The objectives of our courses are to provide learning and training in contemporary removable prosthodontics and enhance the knowledge and skills of students to help them develop and flourish in their future career as dental and oral health professionals.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

All faculty members are assigned to treat patients at the Prosthodontics department in the Dental Hospital of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University. While the rate of tooth retention has increased in comparison with previously reported rates, the number of patients in need of a removable partial denture has increased. Our specialists primarily work on advanced cases that are referred from other departments and outside the hospital. The departmental mission also includes the development and application of new prosthodontic materials, their clinical trial, and the spread of novel and inventive knowledge to the community.
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Clinical Performances

The Department specializes in removable partial prosthodontics and aims to restore missing teeth and associated oral tissues; improve physiological functions such as occlusion, mastication, swallowing, and speech; maintain normal oral sensation; and restore the original appearance of individual patients. Treatment modalities, materials, and denture design are all based on the case history and chief complaints of the patients. The ultimate goal is to improve the oral health-related quality of life of patients.
The Department also manages the clinic for Maxillofacial Prosthetics and the clinic for Speech Therapy that do the prosthodontic and/or prosthetic treatment for patients with defects in oral and/or maxillofacial regions.
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