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Professor TANABE Minoru
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The department of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery at Tokyo Medical and Dental University focus on the liver, biliary tract and pancreas with benign and malignant disorders. We constantly strive to provide the highest level of complex and innovative surgical care, comprehensive surgical training for tomorrow's leaders as well as groundbreaking basic science and clinical research.
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We conduct medical research in both clinical and laboratory settings and develop novel ideas in research which impact patient outcomes, teaching, and clinical care.
Our research programs encompass:
・Biomolecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis, cancer growth, invasion and metastasis
・Molecular target therapy for malignant diseases
・Cancer stem cell
・Extended indication for hepatectomy
・The system of liver microcirculation
・Laparoscopic surgery for hepatobiliary pancreatic diseases
・Liver transplantation and organ preservation
・Treatments for neuroendocrine tumor
・Innovation of imaging modality for hepatobiliary pancreatic diseases
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Medical students program:
We conduct the various experiences of hepatobiliary pancreatic diseases, diagnosis and management, through lectures, pre-clinical clerkship and clinical clerkship. Clinical clerkship exposes students to the surgical patients and basic surgical techniques. It also provides opportunities to participate in peri-operative care as well as operative procedures. Students learn interpersonal and communication skills that result in the effective exchange of information and teaming with patients, their families, and professional associates.

Surgical training program:
The aim of our surgical training program cultivates not only training for certified board surgeons, but also the future surgical leaders, through experiences from the academic, the operative, and the outpatient aspects of management in university hospital and affiliated hospitals. Clinically, the trainees receive training and experience in the preoperative, operative, and post-operative care of patients and basic science and clinical research in our training programs strive to help young surgeons develop both technical and cognitive expertise.
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Clinical Performances

Our highly experienced surgeons offer state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment, such as the multidisciplinary treatments (based on radical surgery) for advanced malignant diseases, minimally invasive procedures (including reduced port surgery).
Annually, 255 operations (hepatectomy: 96 cases, pancreatectomy: 73 cases) were performed in 2014, placing one of the top high volume medical centers in the country for hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery.
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