Outline Research Education Lectures & Courses
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Title Name Researcher information
Professor TANAKA Shinji
Junior Associate Professor AKIYAMA Yoshimitsu
Assistant Professor SHIMADA Shu
Assistant Professor NIIBE Ayano
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To understand the molecular mechanisms underlying carcinogenesis and malignant progression for clinical application of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
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1. Molecular analysis of refractory malignancies including liver, pancreatic and scirrhous gastric cancers
2. Development of molecularly targeted therapy for refractory malignancies
3. Cancer epigenetics/epigenomics and clinical application in refractory malignancies
4. Research of cancer stem cells and targeted therapy
5. Development of regenerative medicine using stem cell research
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Hygiene is our charge. The undergraduate curriculum of hygiene includes lectures, and laboratory studies. Topics of lectures consist of environmental pollution and human health, world-wide environmental problems, carcinogen and occupational cancer, smoking-related diseases, infectious diseases including AIDS and hepatitis, food poisoning, anoxia and heat-related diseases.
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Lectures & Courses

The graduate students pursue their own projects associated with one of researches being in progress in the division. Every student can learn the basic scientific techniques, such as genetic engineering, cell culture and biochemical procedures. There are also many special lectures on cancer, gene, cell biology and biochemistry for the graduate students. On weekly seminars, the students present their own research data and introduce important papers from newly-arrived journals. Once the students get new findings, they are encouraged to present them at the domestic or international meeting and write manuscripts.
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