Outline Research Education


Title Name Researcher information
Associate Professor ISHIKAWA Toshiaki
Associate Professor KUDO Toshifumi
Junior Associate Professor NAKAGAWA Tsuyoshi
Junior Associate Professor SUENAGA Mitsukuni
Assistant Professor Oda Goshi
Graduate Student HOSOYA Tokuko
Graduate Student ICHINOSE Tsuyoshi
Graduate Student FUKUDA Mio
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Division of Specialized Surgeries have been launched in April 2015, which consists of 4 clinical departments in the Medical Hospital:
- Division of Chemotherapy and Oncosurgery
- Division of Vascular Surgery
- Division of Breast Surgery
- Division of Pediatric surgery
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Main themes of our research activities
- Identification of prognostic factors and the predictive factors for chemo-responsiveness in gastrointestinal and breast cancer, by molecular biological technique and immuno-histochemoical approach
- Micro circulation in severe ischemic extremity
- Relation between vascular disease and periodontitis
- Development of new device for evaluating hemodynamics
- Development of safety central venous catheterization
- Establishment of telemedicine

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Main objective in the graduate course is to bring up the well-rounded surgeons who has international and scientific feelings.
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