Outline Research
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Title Name Researcher information
Professor UCHIDA Tokujiro
Junior Associate Professor ISHIKAWA Seiji
Assistant Professor HAKUSUI Takashi
Graduate Student YAMAMOTO Yuudai
Graduate Student ISHIBASHI Tomoko
Graduate Student Akihiro Haramo
Graduate Student OOTA Takashi
Graduate Student SOU Ikurinn
Graduate Student MITSUI Yusuke
Graduate Student KANNMA Takeshi
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A comprehensive understanding of research trends, research methods, and analysis of results by introducing the latest papers published in prestigious journals related to anesthesiology.
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1)Discovering most effective ventilation methods for injury lungs.
2) Therapeutic mechanism of mesenchymal stem cell for lung injury (rat and mouse model)
3) Studies on the central nervous system effects of general anesthetics by human electrocorticogram and functional neuroimaging.
4) Studies on the mechanisms of cerebral pain processing and pain chronification by human functional magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography.
5) Studies on the effects of protective one-lung ventilation on ventilatory mechanics.
6) Epidemiologic studies to identify incidence of, and risk factors for postoperative acute kidney injury in patients undergoing liver resection.

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