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Title Name Researcher information
Professor YOKOZEKI Hiroo
Project Associate Professor TAKAYAMA Kaoru
Graduate Student INAZAWA Minako
Graduate Student Nojima Kohei
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Dermatology is a department of medical science which educates students to make a diagnosis and treatment for skin diseases. Main objective of Dermatology in the graduate course is to provide students opportunity to study advanced Immunodermatology, physiology, pathology and allergology, and also to study making diagnosis of skin diseases and operation techniques. Students are also taught on skin oncology (melanoma, angiosarcoma) and its related laboratory technology depending on their research project.
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1) Mechanisms of contact hypersensitivity
2) Pathological etiology of atopic dermatitis
3) Mechanisms of eosinophil recruitment to the skin
4) Roles of basophils in human skin diseases
5) Functional roles of PGD2 and its receptors in allergic inflammation
6) Therapeutic approach for skin diseases by stable form of galectin-9
7) Analysis of pathological mochanisms' of hyperhidrosis
8) Investigation of mediators for itch
9) Pathological etiology of chronic prurigo
10) Therapeutic approach for angiosarcoma with HVJ-E.
11) To establish the in vitro diseases model of dermatological disorders using human induced pluripotent stem cell
12) Murine food allergy model with transcutaneous sensitization
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Clinical Performances

Dermatology clinic provides an advanced treatment for skin diseases; skin tumors, infectious diseases, skin allergy, collagen diseases and psoriasis. Recently, we established the gene thearies (STAT6 decoy ODN) for severe atopic dermatitis in the clinic.
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