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Title Name Researcher information
Professor KOIKE Ryuji
Professor YASUDA Shinnsuke
Junior Associate Professor HOSOYA Tadashi
Assistant Professor SAITOU Tetsuya
Assistant Professor KIMURA Naoki
Assistant Professor HASEGAWA Hisanori
Assistant Professor UMEZAWA Natsuka
Assistant Professor KAMIYA Mari
Project Junior Associate Professor IWAI Hideyuki
Graduate Student YAMAMOTO Akio
Graduate Student TAGAWA Yasuhiro
Graduate Student KOMIYA Youji
Graduate Student KONDOU Fumiaki
Graduate Student NODA Seiji
Project Researcher LEE Wen Shi
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 Following studies have been extensively carried out in our laboratory with various biochemical, immunological, molecular biological and statistical techniques:
 1) Investigation of mechanism and development of new therapeutics for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and dermato/polymyositis.
 2) Establishment of evidence-based treatment of rheumatic diseases by implementing several cohort studies.
We collaborate with department of lifetime clinical immunology and pediatrics.
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 We have provided medical students and graduates with the opportunity to obtain the ability to identify important clinical problems and to solve them by clinical reasoning through their active participation into the diagnosis and management of various rheumatic diseases.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

 We have provided care to many patients with diverse rheumatic diseases. We have aimed to practice evidence-based medicine and to provide care that is in accordance with the global standard. We have contributed to the development of potential new drugs and treatments through participation into industry- as well as investigator-initiated clinical trials for chemical and biological agents. We have also contributed to the refinement of the care of rheumatic disease patients through the conduct of various pharmacovigilance studies.
 We cooperate with department of lifetime clinical immunology and pediatrics.
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