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Title Name Researcher information
Professor YAMAOKA Shoji
Associate Professor TAKEUCHI Hiroaki
Assistant Professor YOSHIDA Takeshi
Assistant Professor SUKEGAWA Sayaka
Project Junior Associate Professor HAYASHI Takaya
Graduate Student DELETSU Selase Dennis
Graduate Student ABASS Adiza
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Microbiology covers several aspects of bacteriology, immunology and virology. Through the studies on various microbes it is expected to understand host-parasite relationship and mechanisms of pathogenicity. Unlike the past, microbiology has rapidly been drawn to the center of the biological stage.
Our laboratory mainly deals with viral oncogenesis and immunodeficiency in humans. Several projects are carried out with particular emphasis on investigation into the mechanisms of viral replication and pathogenesis induced by human retroviruses (HIV-1 and HTLV-I) and human herpes viruses. The purpose of many of the studies being undertaken is to identify critical events and molecules responsible for the efficient replication of these viruses, and in case of human retroviruses, those for transformation or destruction of normal lymphocytes. Virological, immunological and molecular approaches are being applied for this purpose.
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The following studies have been extensively carried our in out laboratory with various biological and molecular biological techniques:
- Pathogenesis of HIV and HTLV (mutation, virulence,
apoptosis, polymorphism).
- Studies on signal transduction pathways targeted by
viral proteins.
- Molecular cloning by genetic approaches of components
essential for virus replication in mammalian cells.
- Virological approaches for robust increase in lentiviral titer.

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We are engaged in the lectures and practices on the basic aspects of infections for the 2nd year medical students and in the pre-clinical clerkship for the 4th year medical students. Students are also accepted in the Project Semester Program. Graduate course students carry out research on virology and oncology in the laboratory and join seminars and progress meetings.
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Lectures & Courses

Students can learn the structure, replication, function and genetics of micro-organisms as well as the host-pathogen interactions based on the front-line molecular and microbiological sciences.
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