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Title Name Researcher information
Professor TERADA Sumio
Junior Associate Professor SAITO Kenta
Assistant Professor SATO Keisuke
Assistant Professor KAWAGISHI Masahiko
Technical Staff TAGUCHI Mie
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Our lab has focused in two major directions:

(1) How are cytoplasmic proteins transported in cells, and what other intracellular elements are necessary for their quality control during transport?  How are the dynamics of cytoskeletal proteins in neurons regulated and coordinated?

Neuronal cells such as neurons and glial cells are atypical and asymmetric in their morphology; both of them having long processes. They have to endure the burden of energy-consuming long-distance intracellular transport, and develop specialized cytoskeletal structures. Both intracellular transport and cytoskeletal dynamics are inseparably interrelated, and essential for the cellular homeostasis and function. One of the main interests of our laboratory is to understand how their dynamics are regulated and how these dynamics define neuronal morphologies and functions.

(2) How do inhalation anesthetics exert their effects on synaptic transmissions?

Our interests are in deciphering the long-lasting mystery of inhalation anesthetic effects on synaptic transmissions, major mechanism in mammals that insures secure and painless surgical operations. We use electrophysiological preparations as well as newly developed spectroscopic techniques to identify their principles.
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Department of neuroanatomy and cellular neurobiology takes charge of basic neuroscience education for medical undergraduate student (Lectures and Wet labs), especially from the morphological point of view.
For graduate school students, our group offers introductory courses on both optical and electron microscopy (Lectures and Wet labs), with close relation to molecular and cellular neurobiology.
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