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Professor TAKADA Kazuki
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Worldwide, accelerated aging and the shift in disease burdens have created a demand for innovations in health sciences, healthcare, and the healthcare delivery system. Innovation requires not only a vast amount of knowledge and superior skills, but also critical and creative thinking skills. Innovation concerning new drugs and medical devices further requires understanding of the entire flow and process of research and development. In our department, we provides educational opportunities for learners to acquire high-level and practical knowledge of the followings: history of medical and dental education in Japan, professional education/development/certification in Japan and North American/European countries, key pedagogical theories and learning methods, process-based approach and logic models in curriculum development, and competencies and their assessment/evaluation.
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・ Needs assessment in health care and in professional development in health science fields
・ Curriculum development for professionals of the future needs in health sciences
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Undergraduate schools
・School of medicine (1st year): Medical Introductory Courses
・Schools of medicine/dentistry (2nd/3rd years): Global Communication for Health Professionals
・School of medicine (4th year): Preparation for Clinical Clerkship
・School of medicine (5th/6th years): Clinical Clerkship
・Health Sciences Leadership Program: Moral and Political Philosophy
・Health Sciences Leadership Program: Applied Critical Thinking for Health Sciences
・Health Sciences Leadership Program: Problem-solving in the Health Sciences

Graduate school
・【Master level】Public Health Biology
・【Master level】Health Systems Management
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Clinical Services & Other Works

Medical Hospital
Kazuki TAKADA (Rheumatology)
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