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Graduate Student IWABUCHI Yuusuke
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1) Formation of oral biofilm
2) Elimination of oral biofilm of persons with disabilities
3) Oral health status of the medically compromised patients
4) Oral management of genetic syndrome
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Lectures & Courses

 Our department was started as a graduate course of the special dentistry section on April, 1999. The sections are the dentistry for persons with disabilities and medically compromised individuals .
The main objective of this course is to provide the opportunity for students to understand the outline of the reconstruction of functional and esthetic disorders of oral and/or maxillofacial areas by means of the high-advanced dental cares for patients with special needs.
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Clinical Performances

 The clinical purpose of our department is to treat oral problems of special patients who are unable to receive normal dental care by reason of a disability which may be physical, mental, medical, or emotional, or combination of any of these under using behavior management and systemic support.
For example,
1) The patients requiring behavior management are physically disabled, intellectual disability, autistic spectrum disorder, etc.
2) The patients requiring systemic support are internal impediment, dental phobia, etc.
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