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Title Name Researcher information
Professor OTOMO Yasuhiro
Junior Associate Professor AIBOSHI Junichi
Graduate Student YAGI Masayuki
Graduate Student YOSHIKAWA Kazuhide
Graduate Student ENNDOU Hideki
Graduate Student HARUTA Kouichi
Graduate Student URUSHIBATA Nao
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1. Purpose of Education
We, the department of acute critical care and disaster medicine, investigate following wide range of fields, such as the search for mechanisms of biological response to severe stresses, the development of strategy for multiple organ dysfunction from the view of intensive care medicine, basic and clinical research about trauma, trauma preventive medicine and disaster medicine. Our targets of research are practical and cutting edge to work not only as a medical scientist but as a researcher for government projects.

2. Research Subjects
Basic research of the mechanism of multiple organ dysfunction following hemorrhagic/septic shock
Development of strategy for multiple organ dysfunction
Basic and clinical research of multiple trauma
Trauma epidemiology and trauma preventive medicine
Disaster medicine
Clinical research of cerebrovascular disease on acute phase

3. Clinical Services
Our emergency center was authorized to hold the 21st level I center in Tokyo on April 1, 2007. We give treatments over 8000 patients annual who are under critical condition like multiple organ dysfunction, severe sepsis and septic shock, life-threatening trauma as well. We also contribute to medical services, rushing to the emergency scene by a Doctor-Car/Helicopter at times.
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