Outline Research Clinical Services & Other Works
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Title Name Researcher information
Assistant Professor MIYAJIMA Miho
Graduate Student KOMATSU Kennsuke
Graduate Student TANI Rie
Graduate Student YOSHIDA Noriko
Graduate Student IDERA Nami
Graduate Student FUJIWARA Mayo
Graduate Student AMANO Kanako
Graduate Student OZAKA Sayaka
Graduate Student MATSUOKA Shiho
Graduate Student KOSUGI Kazuhiro
Graduate Student IIJIMA Mayuko
Graduate Student OOKURA Yuu
Graduate Student KAKOU Junn
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The purpose of the section is to help understanding characteristics of psychosocial distress in patients with physical and mental disorders from a comprehensive viewpoint. Objects are mainly physical patients accompanied with pain, anxiety, depressive mood and so on. Students study these patients’ symptoms, how to diagnose, practice of treatment and methods of preventive measures.
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1) Assessment of mental state in cancer and other physical patients using written questionnaire
2) Research on quality of life (QOL) in cancer patients and their families
3) Investigation cognitive function of patients with organic disorders (SLE, diabetics, and so on) undergoing a battery of psychometry tests and neuroimaging examinations
4) Explanation for the relationship between physical symptoms and mental states in patients with psychosomatic diseases including chronic pain and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
5) Examination for physiological phenomenon of psychiatric patients using eye mark recorder, electroencephalogram (EEG) and functional MRI (fMRI)
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Clinical Services & Other Works

Psychosomatic clinic provides consultation-liaison psychiatry services at the request of the treating medical or surgical staffs. Patients accompanied with insomnia, anxiety, depressive mood and delirium are treated with psychotherapy and prescription medicines.
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