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Title Name Researcher information
Professor MINAKUCHI Shunsuke
Junior Associate Professor Kubota Kazumasa
Assistant Professor MOTOMURA Kazuo
Assistant Professor SATO Yusuke
Assistant Professor HAMA Youhei
Assistant Professor INOKOSHI Masanao
Assistant Professor KOMAGAMINE Yuriko
Project Assistant Professor SUZUKI Hiroyuki
Project Assistant Professor SOEDA Hitomi
Visiting Lecturer HADA Tamaki
Graduate Student YOSHINAKA Shinn
Graduate Student HATANO Keita
Graduate Student THAW Di Cho Too
Graduate Student KATHENG Awutsadaporn
Graduate Student KAKU Jakuenn
Graduate Student YANAGIHARA Yuiko
Graduate Student SHIROBE Maki
Graduate Student Matsubara Chiaki
Graduate Student YAMAGUCHI Kouhei
Graduate Student OKADA Mitsuzumi
Graduate Student KASHIWAZAKI Kennta
Graduate Student OTAKE Ryosuke
Graduate Student AKIYAMA Yo
Graduate Student LIU Hengyi
Graduate Student ONUMA Hiraku
Graduate Student BUI Ngoc Huyen Trang
Graduate Student SHIMIZU Kento
Graduate Student TONPRASONG Watcharapong
Graduate Student YAMAMOTO Mao
Graduate Student WATANABE Masataka
Graduate Student NAMANO Sahaprom
Graduate Student XU Kaiqi
Dental Resident MIYAYASU Anna
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1) Medical management of Elderly Patients During Dental Treatment
2) New Examination Method for Dry Mouth
3) Oral Stereognosis Ability in the Elderly
4) Threshold of Mucous Membrane under Denture Base in Elderly Oral Mucosa Patients
5) State of the art Lasers in Zirconia Prosthetic Processing and Pain-free Treatment
6) Denture Mobility
7) Deglutition in Elderly Patients Requiring Nursing Care
8) Stress analyses of implant overdenture
9) Factorial analysis of complete denture prosthesis
10) Resilient denture lining material
11) CAD/CAM system for fabricating complete dentures
12) Evaluations of masticatory performance using color-changeable chewing gum
13) Development of novel restorative materials for root caries
14) Development of novel aesthetic, strong and ageing resistant highly translucent zirconia
15) Ultrastructural analysis of zirconia-veneering ceramic interface
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Given the increased health needs of an aging society, we aim to integrate diverse clinical specialties related to geriatric dental practice and to educate individuals of fundamental studies in each field. We emphasize a comprehensive approach to patient interactions by examining daily life functionality rather than focusing only on their diseases.
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Clinical Performances

We manage the prosthodontic and special care departments.
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