Research Lectures & Courses


Title Name Researcher information
Associate Professor SAKAI Tomoko
Visiting Lecturer JINNO Tetsuya
Graduate Student HIROHATA Kenji
Graduate Student ONUMA Ryo
Graduate Student TAKAHASHI Yuuji
Graduate Student OOJI Shunsuke
Graduate Student IKEMATSU Kouji
Graduate Student KAWASAKI Tomoko
Graduate Student NANJO Keigo
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Research Subjects
1) Rehabilitation for total joint arthroplasty
2) Motion and gait analysis of healthy and disabled subjects
3) Biomechanical research for prevention of sports injury
4) Patient safety in rehabilitation medicine
5) Osteoporosis of children (individuals) with severe motor and intellectual disabilities

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Lectures & Courses

Purpose of Education:
Rehabilitation medicine consists of physical, occupational and speech therapy. Main theme of rehabilitation medicine in graduate course is to study 3-dimensional motion analysis in activities of daily living and molecular biological analysis of disuse atrophy.
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