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Title Name Researcher information
Professor KINOSHITA Atsuhiro
Assistant Professor SUNAGA Masayo
Graduate Student AKIYAMA Kyoko
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1) Development of computer-assisted clinical simulation system for medical and dental practice training.
In our university, we executed the Establishment of Computer-Assisted Education System on Clinical Simulation for Medical and Dental Practice Training project, which was adopted as part of the Support Program for Distinctive University Education in 2005, and developed the computer simulation materials on clinical education by utilizing digital clinical data from our Medical and Dental hospitals. We have expanded our study into a new project, 'Progress of Computer-Assisted Simulation for Medical and Dental Practice Training. Computer-Assisted Simulation Promoting Clinical Inference, Decision-making, Problem Solving and Cooperation Abilities of Health Professionals', which was subsequently selected to be part of the Program for Promoting the University Education Reform in 2009 by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. After utilizing the simulation materials for our students, we will evaluate and analyze their educational efficacy. Furthermore, we will develop a computer-assisted clinical simulation system for the entire university.

2) Development of new education system using information and communication technologies for medical and dental students.
At our university, we executed the Integration of Information and Communication Technologies into Clinical Training project, which was adopted as part of the Support Program for the Contemporary Educational Needs in 2007. The aim of this program is to integrate traditional educational methods with advanced information and communication technologies in order to allow clinical training, practical training and lectures to be effectively interlinked. By expanding digital content and employing an automatic visual recording system, we are planning to establish a digital archive of treatments and surgeries, demonstrations of dental techniques, lectures and student training. We will then launch an on-demand distribution system in order to incorporate this content into clinical education, which the students will be able to use for their self-evaluation and learning.

3) Development and utilization of an educational media for medical and dental students.
• Development and Study of Dental Model and Kit for Practical Training:
Dental and dental hygiene students must acquire skills for measuring periodontal pockets and must learn to identify the base of the pocket. However, few dental models are commercially available, and students cannot measure deep periodontal pockets by practicing on one another. Thus, we developed a new dental model with which the students can practice the probing of deep periodontal pockets, and plan to evaluate its effectiveness in training and evaluation of examiners.
• Development of Composing and Screening System for Original 3D Movies from Operator's Viewpoint:
If students can experience and recognize three-dimensional space from the operator's (instructor's) viewpoint during their practice sessions and lectures, it would have educational benefits. Thus, we plan to develop a Composing and Screening System for Original 3D Movies from an Operator's Viewpoint. Furthermore, we will improve the quality of distance learning and remotely operated instruction using the superimposing method.

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We will assist graduate students in understanding new educational systems and media utilizing information-communication technologies, such as the computer-assisted education system, the e-learning system and the live broadcasting lecture system. We will also assist these students in mastering how to create related educational media and apply it to medical, dental, nursing and dental hygiene education, as well as interprofessional cooperation.
First-year students at the School of Dentistry, and first-year students at the School of Oral Health Care Sciences will learn to process media information and create media content, as well as how to search the Internet for information that is necessary for their study and research activities. They will also learn how to make use of various databases.
Fourth-year students at the School of Dentistry will acquire the practical knowledge, communication skills and attitude to build good relationships with patients by gaining clinical experience at an early stage. This practice consists of two units; clinical experience in the teaching clinic and the computer-assisted simulation practice. This experience will enhance the students’ abilities, enabling them to be effective clinicians.
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