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Title Name Researcher information
Professor SAKURADA Koichi
Associate Professor SAITOH Hisako
Assistant Professor MINEGISHI Saki
Project Junior Associate Professor Utsuno Hajime
Project Assistant Professor NAMIKI Shuuji
Graduate Student TOYA Maiko
Graduate Student SUMI Nozomi
Graduate Student HANAFI Muhammad Garry Syahrizal
Graduate Student AOKI Nanami
Graduate Student YAMADA Sayaka
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Forensic dentistry plays an important role in society through the use identification of victims after major accidents or disasters using dental findings, as well as the identification of cadavers or persons from biological samples in relation to crime. In particular, the establishment of two laws related to cause of death investigation in June 2012 further promoted research, identification, and education related to individual identification. The primary function of our laboratory is the identification of individuals from hard tissues such as teeth and bones, soft tissues, body fluids, or facial images, using the latest molecular biological and imaging techniques.
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1. Individual identification
● Identification based on dental findings
● Identification using hard tissues such as teeth and bones, soft tissues, and body fluids
● Identification based on facial reconstruction and image analysis
2. Child abuse and neglect
3. Dental accidents and lawsuits
4. Problems associated with the dental care system
5. Forensic toxicology
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We teach dental students a relation between death investigation systems and dentists and make them understand that society expects them as dentists to perform individual identification based on dental findings. Also, students are likely to have opportunities to assist the regional administrative and police activities in the future. To protect the rights of the deceased individuals and improve public health, dental students need to acquire basic knowledge about forensic medical sciences including postmortem changes and cause of death identification. To foster independent researchers, we teach graduate students the latest research directions in forensic dentistry and how to plan their own research project. In addition, students learn practical individual identification methods and their importance through forensic autopsy.
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Lectures & Courses

We believe that students learn more effectively in an environment where they can simultaneously conduct practical work and research.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

Forensic autopsy for the identification of cadavers and other related activities. Individual identification following accidents or disasters. Participation in disaster prevention and individual identification training programs held by various communities.
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