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Title Name Researcher information
Professor YOSHIDA Masayuki
Junior Associate Professor EBANA Yusuke
Assistant Professor OSAKA Mizuko
Assistant Professor KOHBATA Hiroko
Graduate Student TSURU Hiromi
Graduate Student SYED Masudur Rahman Dewan
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Department of Life Sciences and Bioethics (Bioethics Research Center) offers classes and seminars regarding bioethics, research ethics, and clinical ethics in Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Graduate School of Health Care Sciences, and School of Medicine. Our lecture includes fundamental bioethics and research ethics so that students can absorb the current concept of the bioethics and research ethics. We try to include clinical materials such as cases of genetic counseling, where ethics-based approach is critically important.
Apart from class for juniors, we give bioethics seminars for hospital staff and faculties based on the research ethics guideline revised 2008, in which attendance of bioethics lecture is mandatory for any person who conducts medical research.
We dynamically participated in extra-campus activities; such as the ethical committee members of the National Institute of Health etc.
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