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Title Name Researcher information
Professor TAKASE Kozo
Graduate Student ENDO Kazushige
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Department of Research Development was established in 2000.
This department has been managing the course of Master of Medical Administration.
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1) Introduction of Clinical Pathway in hospital
2) Medical law suit and professional information
3) Quality management of medical law suit
4) Organizational logic for hospital
5) Health care policy and rational
6) Management of medical information and privacy
7) Hospitality in medicine
8) Clinical guideline and medical quality
9) Patient satisfaction and patient experience
10) Development of medical engineering apparatus
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1) Hospital Information Management
2) Medical Informatics, statistics
3) TQM in medicine
4) Biological bias and data management
5) Medical Law and Ethics
6) Health Promotion Policy program (General Medicine, Risk Management in Medicine) with Hitotsubashi University
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Lectures & Courses

Study on development of medical system and hospital management

 The goals supposed in the lecture are mastering the technique of implementation of research development and acquiring the ability of management of projects.
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Clinical Services & Other Works


Committee member of Legal Training for Judicial Apprentice, Japanese Supreme Court

Committee member of Tokyo District Court

Editorial Board of Japanese Society for Clinical Pathway
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