Outline Research Education Lectures & Courses


Title Name Researcher information
Professor NAKAMURA Keiko
MD Mosiur Rahman
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The department of Global Health Entrepreneurship seeks to elucidate physical, social, economic and cultural factors determining inequity in health. The department works closely with WHO and other international agencies to help develop guidelines of scientific evaluation and recommended practices.
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Major Research Topics:
1) Transfiguration of the ecosystem and its interaction with human health
2) Socio-cultural factors determining health
3) Social entrepreneurship development through applying the Healthy Settings approach
4) Use of information technology to improve public health
5) International health workforce and trade in health services
6) Universal health covrage in ageing society
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PhD programs
Our doctoral program provides a flexible curriculum that allows students to customize their research goals, methods, and activities based upon their own interests and preferences. Students on the Public Health Medicine (PHM) track of the Disease Prevention Global Leader Program (DP-GLP) attain the skills required for public health professionals with an international perspective. The program prepares them for leadership roles in public institutions. Advanced students from many countries around the world are now enrolled. All the classes are conducted in English, thus facilitating the acquisition of international communication skills.
A rich variety of educational activities have been arranged in the program. These include: individual discussion sessions with professors and other faculty members; field investigations; and seminars on various topics such as community health care, community medicine, public health policy, biostatistics, academic presentation, development of foreign language skills, and communication skills. Students work closely with faculty members on an individual basis in setting the right direction for their research and confirmation of their progress.

Master Programs
Master degree students receive systematic intensive training that leads to the acquisition of broad expertise in the field of global public health. This program is open to students who have majored in any field.
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Lectures & Courses

The objective of our postgraduate education is to provide professional qualifications to high-caliber people who exhibit leadership in the advancement of public health and promotion of health on an international scale. The department helps students attain the knowledge, skills, attitude, and experiences that are necessary for competent health specialists and social entrepreneurs in healthcare.

By completion of the doctoral course, the participants are expected to be able to:
•Assess health and well being the populations in local, national, and international settings,
•Assess evidence to show effectiveness of health interventions, programs and strategies,
•Think strategically to develop local, national, and international policies,
•Manage projects to successful completion
•Demonstrate leadership in local, national, or international public health programs
•Communicate properly when listening, presenting, writing, and negotiating
•Pursue a full-cycle of an academic, public health research project
•Facilitate learning of staff, students, and colleagues, and
•Practice and respect professional ethics in a socio-culturally diverse environment.
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