Research Education Clinical Services & Other Works
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Title Name Researcher information
Professor UEMURA Koichi
Associate Professor AKI Toshihiko
Junior Associate Professor UNUMA Kana
Assistant Professor FUNAKOSHI Takeshi
Project Assistant Professor WATANABE Ryo
Graduate Student SANO Tomomi
Technical Staff KASEDA Rina
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Research Subjects

1) Toxicology
2) Alcohol medicine
3) Forensic pathology
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Purpose of education

Forensic medicine provides fundamental human rights, public safety and nation’s welfare to make a fair judgment on the items on the law which requires the medical knowledge. Education of forensic medicine is included forensic medicine in a narrow sense and medical law. Purpose of education in forensic medicine is to provide students opportunity to study the essential knowledge of the relationship between medical and society (include law, ethics, suit and administration). Students are also taught a blood type and an alcohol medicine in a practical training.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

Practical services

Forensic Medicine provides the expert opinion on a living body and a corpse to clarify causes of wound and death, mainly entrusted by a public prosecutor or the police, thereby, contributing fair trial in a court.
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