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Graduate Student CHOU Kyou
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Our group is interested in the restoration of damaged connective tissue. In general, connective tissue is characterized by the presence of abundant extracellular matrix, and its function is highly dependent on the properties of extracellular matrix. Therefore, to restore connective tissue normal, it is essential for us to understand the behavior of extracellular matrix molecules. So, we pursue research on the molecular mechanisms underlying the formation and maintenance of extracellular matrix in connective tissues.
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Currently, we are engaged in the following research subject.
1. Study on the mechanisms that regulate the expression of type II collagen and aggrecan in chondrocytes.
2. Study on transcription factors necessary for the maintenance of chondrogenic phenotype.
3. Study on the molecular dynamics of extracellular matrix in connective tissues.
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We give a lecture on molecular biology in general and laboratory exercise for undergraduate students. Also, in our graduate course, we offer lectures on the synthesis and formation of extracellular matrix focusing on cartilage tissue.
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Lectures & Courses

We provide education based on the belief that an integrated and organized connection of various knowledge is important to understand life phenomena.
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