Outline Research Lectures & Courses
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Section of biostructural science is the inheritor of the laboratory of Oral Anatomy II, then we focus understanding of the mechanism of tooth development, tooth cell differentiations, and tooth evolution using methods of histology, cell biology, and molecular biology. We also teach three courses of histology for the second grade of dental student, and attend to the preparation works of gross anatomy.
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The study of the mechanisms of dental formation and their evolution is the central focus of our research. Followings are rough description of current research subjects in our laboratory.

1)Research of Tooth Germ Developmen
2)Research of Ameloblast Differentiation & Function
3)Research of Fish Scales & Teeth
4)Space Experiments using Fish
5)Comparative Morphology of the Tooth
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Lectures & Courses

We are inheritor of the laboratory of Oral Anatomy II, then we involved in the education of histology, embryology, and oral histology.

In the first place, anatomy and histology is the study to learn the structure, the name, and the function of "HUMAN BODY". Then the subject histology is not able to separate from subject anatomy, relate to physiology, pathology, and embryology and further become to be the fundamentals of clinical subjects. So we carry out of our subjects, with an awareness of the relationships between histology and other subjects.

On the curriculum of the 2nd grade of dental students, lectures of histology contains practical histology using tissue sections and microscopy. This skills work is a good opportunity to know the variation and the finesse of the human body in histology.
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