Outline Research Education
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Title Name Researcher information
Professor NAKATA Takao
Assistant Professor ASANO Toshifumi
Assistant Professor YOSHIHARA Shogo
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We started a new laboratory from April 2009. We are interested in the cellular responses to spatio-temporal activation of signaling molecules. For this purpose, we took synthetic approaches combined with optogenetics. We introduce the photo switches into cells, and analyze signaling systems quantitatively. Research will be conducted by using molecular biology, molecular genetics, cell biology, theoretical biology, and live-imaging techniques.
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We are studying cell signaling using optogenetics. We made photo-switch of various signaling proteins and introduced them into cells. Parts of the cells were stimulated by blue lasers. The photo-switches are activated locally within the cells and we observe the cell phenotypes by time-lapse microscope using these techniques. We can understand molecular mechanisms of cell signaling in spatio-temporal fashion and also can manipulate cellular conditions using these switches.
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We teach histology and cell biology to 2nd year medical students. Our goal in undergraduate course is to provide students with fundamental knowledge and skill to analyze microscopic samples of normal human body.
In cell biology course we start a little bit advanced lectures such as cell death and cell cycle because we avoid to teach the same contents that they have learned in the past year biology course. We also provide more stimulative lectures in later half of the course such as autophagy, zebrafish genetics and mathematical model.
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