Outline Research Education
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Title Name Researcher information
Professor Asakage Takahiro
Junior Associate Professor ARIIZUMI Yousuke
Senior Resident OKADA Ryuhei
Senior Resident TASAKI Akihisa
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Our department is responsible for clinical management, education and research in the field of head and neck surgery. Clinically, the Department of Head and Neck Surgery manages the tumor of extensive area of head and neck, except brain, eye and vertebra. Surgical and medical treatment of the head and neck tumors are mainly employed in our department.
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Surgical approaches to the skull base and deep area of the face.
Surgical anatomy of the skull base.
Establishment of the standard neck dissection.
Treatment of pediatric head and neck tumors.
Chemoradiotherapy for head and neck cancers.
Clinical application of navigation system and 3D entity model surgery for skull base surgery.
Diagnosis and treatment for superficial squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck region.
Human papilloma virus infection and head and neck cancer.
Polymorphisms in alcohol metabolism genes and Head and Neck Cancers.
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Education: Undergraduate Course
 In the classes at the 3th grade of medical school, head and neck oncology are systematically lectured. Clinical practice is experienced at the 4th to 6th grade in the out-patient clinic, the ward, and operating theater.

Education :Graduate Course
 Education and researches at the graduate school are focused on (1)surgery of the head and neck tumor, (2)clinical management of the patients with head and neck tumor, and (3)clinical anatomy of head and neck region. 
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