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Title Name Researcher information
Professor ONO Takashi
Junior Associate Professor HOSOMICHI Jun
Assistant Professor YONEMITSU Ikuo
Assistant Professor ISHIDA Takayoshi
Assistant Professor WATARI Ippei
Assistant Professor ISHIDA Yuji
Graduate Student DONG Thi Kim Uyen
Graduate Student CHO Edward
Graduate Student SHAMS Shahriar Mohd
Graduate Student GUNARSO Anindya Kamaratih
Dental Resident OHMORI Hiroko
Department Staff MATSUMOTO Yoshiro
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Orthodontic Science is one of the dental sciences which propose to control the craniofacial growth and development in equilibrium with the whole body, and also deals with the prevention and/or treatment of malocclusion and related disorders, by which the alteration of maxillofacial function with aging could be kept to the most suitable condition.
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Research Subjects
1) Biomechanical study of occlusion
2) Studies on biological response and functional adaptation followed by orthodontic and occlusal stimulation
3) Clinical application of autotransplantation in orthodontic treatment
4) Studies on interrelation between malocclusion and temporomandibular joint
5) Studies on occlusion and age-related changes in cranio-maxillofacial morphology and function
6) Studies on interrelation between cranio-maxillofacial complex and whole body
7) Development of mechanics and materials for orthodontic treatment
8) Pathophysiological studies on sleep and breathing disorders
9) Studies on interrelation between breathing and body function
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Subjects of Education:
Orthodontic Science, Pathophysiology for Malocclusion, Biology for Functional Adaptation
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Lectures & Courses

Orthodontic Science
1) To explain the unhealthy physiological condition of malocclusion and deepen the scientific basis for orthodontic treatment.
2) To understand the biological reaction and adaptation of occlusal tissues to mechanical stresses such as occlusal force or orthodontic force, and also the changes with aging.
3) To explain the art for controlling the morphologic and functional problems of occlusion in orthodontic treatment, from the view points of biomaterials and biomechanics.
4) To enlighten the social dentistry for the needs and demands of orthodontic treatment.

Pathophysiology for Malocclusion
To understand the alteration of occlusal function and morphology with aging, and to explain the pathological condition of malocclusion from the viewpoint of physiology, biomechanics, biology and sociology.

Biology for Functional Adaptation
To understand the procedure of biological reaction and adaptation of occlusal system to the orthodontic stimuli, including the influence of aging, and to provide the control of the surroundings of the occlusal system.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

Clinical Services
In the field of practical orthodontic, with the development of materials and treatment techniques, we have taken initiatives in two big turning points at all time. Namely, one is the Direct Bonding System which has made it possible to attach brackets directly to the teeth surface without orthodontic metal bands. Another is the development of Super-Elastic Ti-Ni Alloy Wire, and following Improved Super-Elastic Ti-Ni Alloy Wire. With these new wires, we have provided an epoch-making orthodontic technique, where teeth could be moved more efficiently and safely with light continuous forces, and in consequences, the limits for teeth movement are expanded and the treatment outcomes are also improved. On the other hand, in order to determine the scientific basis for the needs of orthodontic treatment, we are engaging in the study of pathophysiology of malocclusion, and these research results are getting feedback to the orthodontic practices as soon as possible to stimulate the development of new treatment protocols.
Students in the graduate course not only pursue their scientific researches but also being educated in accordance with our curriculum for the post-graduated clinical program. In this program, we aim to bring up the leading persons of next generation who have highly specialized knowledge and skills of orthodontics as well as prominent minds of clinical researches.

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Clinical Performances

Highlights of Clinical Services
1) Orthodontic treatments by using Improved Super-Elastic Ti-Ni Alloy Wire
2) Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatments
With the cooperation of related field, we provide comprehensive treatments for those patients with cleft lips and palates and other congenital anomalies, jaw deformities, maxillofacial functional disorders, periodontal diseases, impacted teeth, autotransplantation combined cases, and usages of implant anchorages.
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