Outline Research Clinical Services & Other Works


Diagnostic oral pathology is a branch of pathology which studies human pathology, and aims at practice and development of the oral science as clinical medicine. The main object is to bring up graduate students and post-doctoral residents for pathology specialist to the great oral pathologists through the lecture of surgical pathology and pathology diagnosis and research instruction of oral and general diseases for the time being.
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Research Subjects
1) Surgical pathology of oral cancer.
2) New diagnostic approach and reconstruction of oral diseases.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

Diagnostic oral pathology is playing three roles, pathological diagnosis (3,400 cases in a year), clinical laboratory (215,000 tests in a year) which consist of hematological, biochemical, bacteriological, physiological and pathological parts, and blood transfusion (100 cases in a year) in the dental hospital.
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