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Title Name Researcher information
Professor UO Motohiro
Assistant Professor WADA Takahiro
Graduate Student CHAIAMORNSUP Patcharanun
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1. Analysis of Dental and biomedical materials and biological tissue using the synchrotron radiation.
Research is aimed to apply the new analysis method using synchrotron radiation for the estimation of various properties of the dental and biomedical materials.

2. Development of the functional dental and biomedical materials using glass and ceramics.
Research is aimed to develop and evaluate the new glass and ceramics based materials as the dental and biomedical materials, e.g. composite resins, glass ionomer cements, dental porcelains and zirconia ceramics.
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1. Lecture of unit “Biomaterials and Dental Materials”
A series of lectures on the “science on biomaterials”, “properties of dental and biomedical materials”, “application of dental materials” will be taught through the lecture and practice.
2. Lecture of unit “Advanced Biomaterials” (graduate school)
Evaluation methods of various dental and biomedical materials will be taught.
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