Research Education Clinical Services & Other Works


Title Name Researcher information
Professor YOSHIDA Naomi
Assistant Professor SUZUKI Hitomi
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1) Research on oral health behabior
2) Research on oral health management
3) Research on flailty and oral flailty
4) Research and development of education methods in dental hygienists education
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Oral health care education is special field of study which deals with establishment of theoretid and skill for health promotion to contribute to the development of the health. Educational objects of Oral health care education in the graduate course is to foster human resources who will be able to implement health promotion program in collaboration with other career or residents in many fields.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

In oral health care clinic,dental hygienists support patients’ oral health care,and prevent dental caries and periodontal diseases for the patients to maintain the their oral and general health in the entire lifetime.
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