Outline Research Education Lectures & Courses Clinical Services & Other Works Clinical Performances


Title Name Researcher information
Professor KABASAWA Yuji
Assistant Professor ITO Kanade
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(1) Education
We teach the knowledge and skills necessary for oral health activities through classes in charge. Specifically, we will teach about the relationship between oral health and general health such as perioperative oral function management and periodontal disease and diabetes. In addition to teaching health assessment of the oral and maxillofacial area, we will acquire basic knowledge and skills through vital signs measurement practice, emergency life-saving activity practice, which is one of general health evaluation indicators.
Furthermore, we lecture on the pathology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment related to mandibular oral cavity disease, and teach necessary knowledge on oral health education, prevention of oral diseases of people with basic diseases in the medical field.
(2) Research
We will conduct research to support maintenance and promotion of health by oral health. Especially contribute to people's health and well-being through research on perioperative oral cavity function management, research on oral care of people with underlying diseases, research on regeneration of jawbone with FGF-2, etc.
We also working about the Research on social inequalities in oral health.
(3) Clinical
In order to maintain and promote general health through oral health, we cooperate with each outpatient at the dentistry hospital and do dental prophylactic treatment of the patient and oral health education at oral care outpatient. In addition to oral care for inpatients at dental and medical hospital while working in cooperation with nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists and others, they practice oral care according to the condition of patients as a member of team medicine.
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1. Oral health care of patients with oral cancer, cleft lip and palate and other oral diseases
2. Research for safety in supplements in oral functions
3. Research on social inequalities in oral health.
4. Basic research for bone regeneration using FGF-2.
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Team medical practice, clinical practice, clinical practice, oral surgery and dental anesthesiology, clinical medicine, graduation research, health care services, biomaterials science, oral disease prevention basics and practical training, clinical oral health practice, Dental practice support theory,etc
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Lectures & Courses

The purpose is to develop dental hygienist who can contribute to oral and general health. Train student who can contribute to the health and welfare of people based on the knowledge and skills for oral health activities, understanding oral medicine and social environmental factors that affect health.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

Oral care department, in cooperation with each outpatient in the dental school attached hospital, in order to maintain and improve the general health through oral health, do patients' dental preventive measures and oral health education in oral care outpatient. In addition, we do oral care for hospitalized patients in the dentistry department and medical hospital affiliated hospitals, we receive consultation about patient oral care from ward nurses, and instruct oral care methods according to patient condition.
In oral surgery unit, we are engaged in diagnosis, treatment, oral health guidance etc of various oral disease patients.
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Clinical Performances

Based on knowledge of oral medicine through oral care department, we are conducting perioperative oral function management with more specialized expertise.
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