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  • Okayama University, Faculty of Dentistry, 1990.03, Graduated

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  • 2021.04
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Division of Oral Health Sciences, Department of Dental Anesthesiology and Orofacial Pain Management, Professor

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  • 1993.01
    , Assistant Professor
  • 1999.08
    , Junior Associate Professor
  • 2007.11
    , Associate Professor

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  • Surgical dentistry

  • Social dentistry


Published Papers & Misc 【 display / non-display

  1. Asano Sayaka, Hirotoshi Yamamoto, Shigeru Maeda. Factors Affecting Intraoperative Blood Loss in Orthognathic Surgery: A Monocentric Retrospective Study The Journal of the Stomatological Society, Japan. 2024; in press

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Conference Activities & Talks 【 display / non-display

  1. Takaya Ito, Motoyo Maruyama, Hirotoshi Iwasaki, Yoshitaka Miyagawa, Hidenori Suzuki, Shigeru Maeda, Atsushi Sakai. Involvement of long noncoding RNAs (lnkRNAs) containing ultraconserved regions expressed in primary sensory neurons in a rat neuropathic pain model. Neuroscience 2023 2023.11.15 Washington DC

  2. Ryoko Kurisku, Yoko Yamazaki, Shigeru Maeda. Involvement of Lysophospholipids in trigeminal ganglion in neuropathic pain of orofacial region. Neuroscience 2023 2023.11.14 Washington DC

  3. Shigeru MAEDA. General anesthesia in dentistry for patients with intellectual disabilities. General Meeting of Korean Association for Dentistry and Oral Health 2023.04.16 Seoul

  4. Kurisu Ryoko, Tadashi Saigusa, Yuri Aono, Yoshinori Hayashi, Suzuro Hitomi, Shigeru Maeda, Masahiko Shimada, Koichi Iwata, Masamichi Shinoda. Roles of pannexin 1 in the trigeminal ganglion in orofacial mechanical allodynia following infraorbital nerve injury in rats. The 96th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society 2022.11.30 Yokohama

  5. Hilmanda, Shigeru Maeda. Factors Associated with Variation in Pulse Wave Transit Time using Pulse Oximetry. 2022.02.19

  6. Tomoka Matsumura, Shigeru Maeda. Lidocaine suppresses cell proliferation and induces apoptosis of myofibroblasts. Neuroscience 2021 2021.11.08 on-line

  7. Maeda S, Miyake S, Fujimoto M, Nishioka Y, Higuchi H, Miyawaki T. Delta Opioid receptor ligand suppresses increase in IL-6 in cultured microglia . IADR 2021.07.22

  8. Maeda S, Miyake S, Fujimoto M, Higuchi H, Miyawaki T. Dexmedetomidine suppresses an increase in IL-6 mRNA in models of perioperative brain ischemia.. 2019.06.19

  9. Fujimoto M, Honda-Wakasugi Y, Yabuki-Kawase A, Higuchi H, Maeda S, Miyawaki T. A muscle relaxant does not necessarily cause trismus in patient with masticatory muscle tendon-aponeurosis hyperplasia. 2018.10.04

  10. Miyake S, Honda-Wakasugi Y, Yabuki-Kawase A, Higuchi H, Maeda S, Miyawaki T. Ivabradine inhibits LPS-stimulated inflammatory cytokine production in the mouse macrophage-like cell line Raw 264.7, but not via HCN-2 and HCN-4 channe. 2018.10.04

  11. Kurita E, Onishi R, Higuchi H, Honda-Wakasugi Y, Yabuki-Kawase A, Maeda S, Miyawaki T. Management of a malignant pheochromocytome patient undergoing oral surgery. 2018.10.04

  12. Maeda S, Onishi R, Honda-Wakasugi Y, Yabuki-Kawase A, Higuchi H, Miyawaki T. Brain protection of dexmedetomidine in perioperative model. 2018.10.04

  13. Nishioka Y, Mori-Yoshioka M, Tanimura H, Honda-Wakasugi Y, Yabuki-Kawase A, Higuchi H, Maeda S, Miyawaki T. Electrical Surface Charge and Encapsulation Efficiency of Midazolam Encapsulating Liposomes. 2018.07.25

  14. Miyake S, Honda-Wakasugi Y, Yabuki-Kawase A, Higuchi H, Miyawaki T. The Inhibitory Effect of Locally Administered Ivabradine on Inflammatory Pain. 2018.07.25

  15. Maeda S, Honda-Wakasugi Y, Miyake S, Nishioka Y, Onishi R, Fujimoto M, Kurita E, Higuchi H, Miyawaki T. Effective Combinations of Analgesics for Ramus Osteotomy. 2018.07.25

  16. Maeda S, Onishi R, Honda-Wakasugi Y, Yabuki-Kawase A, Higuchi H, Miyawaki T. Effects of dexmedetomidine on brain ischemia. 2017.11.11

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  • ,Tohoku University

  • Advances in Dental Anesthesiology,Okayama University