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  • 2017.04
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, Oral Health Sciences, Pulp Biology and Endodontics, Graduate Student

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  • Murano H, Kaneko T, Zaw SYM, Sone PP, Zaw ZCT, Okada Y, Sunakawa M, Katsube K, Okiji T. Pulp inflammation induces Kv1.1 K+ channel down-regulation in rat thalamus Oral diseases. 2021.04;

  • Murano H, Kaneko T, Okiji T. Root dentinal microcracks: a post-extraction experimental phenomenon? The Nippon Dental Review. 2020.01; 927 (80): 146-147.

  • Gu B, Kaneko T, Zaw SYM, Sone PP, Murano H, Sueyama Y, Zaw ZCT, Okiji T. Macrophage populations show an M1-to-M2 transition in an experimental model of coronal pulp tissue engineering with mesenchymal stem cells International Endodontic Journal. 2019.04; 52 (4): 504-514. ( DOI )

  • Kaneko T, Zaw SYM, Sueyama Y, Katsube KI, Kaneko R, Nör JE, Okiji T. Inhibition of nuclear factor-κB prevents the development of experimental periapical lesions Journal of Endodontics. 2019.02; 45 (2): 168-173.

  • Murano H, Watanabe S, Okiji T. Capping carious exposures in adults: a randomized controlled trial investigating mineral trioxide aggregate versus calcium hydroxide 2018.06; 37 (6): 202-204.

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  • Zar Chi Thein Zaw, 金子友厚, Su Yee Myo Zaw, Phyo Pyai Sone, 村野浩気, 顧彬, 岡田大和, 末山有希子, 興地隆史 . 血管内皮細胞と共培養されたラット血管内皮細胞および骨髄間葉系幹細胞の 血管新生因子発現に nuclear factor kappa B 抑制が及ぼす影響. 第151回日本歯科保存学会学術大会秋季大会 2019.11.07

  • Su Yee Myo Zaw, 金子友厚, Zar Chi Thein Zaw, Phyo Pyai Sone, 村野浩気, 顧彬, 岡田大和, 末山有希子, 興地隆史. 血管内皮細胞と共培養された歯髄幹細胞の血管新生因子発現に対する nuclear factor kappa B抑制の影響. 第150回日本歯科保存学会学術大会春季大会 2019.06.27 石川

  • Phyo Pyai Sone, 金子友厚, Su Yee Myo Zaw, 顧彬, 村野浩気, Zar Chi Thein Zaw, 岡田大和, 末山有希子, 興地隆史. 間葉系幹細胞冠部歯髄再生動物実験モデルにおける Nerve Growth Factor およびGrowth Associated Protein 43の発現について. 第150回日本歯科保存学会学術大会春季大会 2019.06.27

  • Murano H, Kaneko T, Sunakawa M, Zaw SYM, Sone PP, Gu B, Zaw ZCT, Okada Y, Okiji T. Temporal Changes in the Expression of Voltage-gated Potassium Channel-related Genes in Rat Thalamus following Experimental Dental Pulp Injury. The 40th Annual Scientific Meeting of Japan Endodontic Association 2019.06.15 Tokyo, Japan

  • Gu B, Kaneko T, Zaw SYM, Sone PP, Murano H, Sueyama Y, Zaw ZCT, Okada Y, Okiji T. Expression of Antigen Presenting Cell-associated Molecules in an Experimental Model of Coronal Pulp Tissue Engineering in Rats: Effect of Co-implantation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Endothelial Cells. The 40th Annual Scientific Meeting of JEA 2019.06.15

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