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  • 2014.04
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Graduate School of Health Care Sciences, Nursing Innovation, Development Studies in Fundamental Nursing, Community Health Promotion Nursing, Graduate Student

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  • Xiaowei LU, Kumiko Morita, Harumi Yamamoto, Hitomi Nagamine. The influence of cohabitation ezperiences between older adults and elementary school students on intimacy and images of older adults in an urban area of China Journal of Japan Society for Intergenerational Studies. 2019.10; 9 (1): 23-30.

  • Hitomi Nagamine, Xiaowei Lyu, Kayo Maruyama, Kumiko Morita. Implementation and evaluation of a primary diabetes prevention programme for young adult employees in Japan: A non‐randomized controlled trial Nursing Open. 2019; ( DOI )

  • Rieco Aoki, Kumiko Morita, Minako Kobayashi, Harumi Yamamoto, Xiaowei Lu, Hitomi Nagamine, Akiko Sasaki. Challenges in Community-specific Intergenerational Program in afterschool childcare system Journal of Japan Society for Intergenerational Studies. 2018.02; 7 (1): 23-32.

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  • Xiaowei LU, Kumiko MORITA, Rieko AOKI, Minako KOBAYASHI, Hitomi NAGAMINE, Harumi YAMAMOTO, Akiko SASAKI. Analyzing factors related to the intimacy of primary school children with elderly in China. The 3rd KOREA-JAPAN Joint Conference on Community Health Nursing 2016.07.02 Busan SOUTH KOREA

  • Hitomi Nagamine, Xiaouwei Lu, Harumi Yamamoto, Kumiko Morita. Factors affecting thoughts and healthy behaviors related to diabetes prevention in young adults. 2016.07.01 韓国

  • Hitomi Nagamine, Xiaouwei LU, Yumiko MIMURA, Rieko AOKI, Kumiko MORITA. The present issues about the primary prevention for pre-diabetes . 2016.03.14 千葉

  • Hitomi Nagamine, Harumi Yamamoto, Rieko Aoki, Xiaouwei Lu, Kumiko Morita. The current situation and issues of the latest research about secondary prevention after acute myocardial infarction. 2015.02.05 台湾