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HASE Takeshi

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Project Associate Professor

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  • 1900.01
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Life Science and Technology, Life Science and Technology, Computational Biology, Project Assistant Professor
  • 2017.11
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, -, Project Associate Professor
  • 2018.04
    Tokyo Medical and Dental University, -, Project Associate Professor

Published Papers & Misc 【 display / non-display

  • Katsuta E, Tanaka S, Mogushi K, Matsumura S, Ban D, Ochiai T, Irie T, Kudo A, Nakamura N, Tanaka H, Tanabe M, Arii S.. Age-related clinicopathologic and molecular features of patients receiving curative hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma. Am. J. Surg.. 2014.05; ( PubMed, DOI )

  • Eslami A., Miyaguchi K., Mogushi K.,Watanabe H., Okada N., Shibuya H.,Mizushima H., Miura M., Tanaka H. PARVB overexpression increases cell migration capability and defines high risk for endophytic growth and metastasis in tongue squamous cell carcinoma British Journal of Cancer. 2014;

  • Shoko Nukaya, Manabu Sugie, Yosuke Kurihara, Tomoyuki Hiroyasu, Kajiro Watanabe, Hiroshi Tanaka. A noninvasive heartbeat, respiration, and body movement monitoring system for neonates Artificial Life and Robotics. 2014; 9 (4): 414-419.

  • Alistair R. FANTOM Consortium(Tanaka H. incl.). A promoter-level mammalian expression atlas Nature. 2014; 507 (7493): 462-470.

  • Andersson R. et al. FANTOM Consortium(Tanaka H. incl.). An atlas of active enhancers across human cell type and tissues Nature. 2014; 507 (7493): 455-461.

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Conference Activities & Talks 【 display / non-display

  • Hiroshi Tanaka. Attractor transition analysis of iPS cell and cancer metastasis in quantified Waddington epigenetic landscape (qWEL). AROB 19th 2014.01.22 Oita, Japan

  • Takeshi Hase. Identification of drug-target modules in the human protein–protein interaction network. AROB 19th 2014.01.22 Oita, Japan