Outline Research Education
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Title Name Researcher information
Professor OGATA Yasuko
Assistant Professor YUMOTO Yoshie
Project Junior Associate Professor MAEDA Rumi
Project Assistant Professor OTA Sakiko
Graduate Student Sasaki Miki
Graduate Student TAKADA Seira
Graduate Student KIDA Ryouhei
Graduate Student Sasai Kana
Graduate Student ISHII Noriko
Graduate Student Nagai Satoko
Graduate Student ITOU Ayano
Project Researcher TANNNO Haruka
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The Department of Geriatric Nursing and Administration offers opportunities to nursing graduate students and researchers for advanced research and education regarding elder care and the development of effective and efficient care systems for graying societies. As populations rapidly age, greater knowledge about care for the aged and the development of new care systems are required. These will necessarily focus on factors such as disease type, values, and the family and social environments that aged people are immersed in, as well as on the relationships among the factors. Therefore, both a macroscopic and a microscopic view are needed for nursing researchers and students who are studying care for the aged and the development of new systems.
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Research Topics
- Care Systems in Aging Societies
- Quality Assurance and Evaluation of Care for the Aged
- Nursing Administration/Management
- Healthy Work Environment to Achieve a Favorable Patient Outcome

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Undergraduate Programs (Basic nursing education)
1. Geriatric Nursing
2. Geriatric Nursing Seminar
3. Geriatric Nursing Clinical Practicum
4. Rehabilitation Nursing
Graduate Programs (Doctorate)
1. Advanced Geriatric Nursing and Administration A/B,
2. Advanced Geriatric Nursing and Administration Seminar A/B
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