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Title Name Researcher information
Professor KONDO Akiko
Graduate Student ABULIEZI Renaguli
Graduate Student HUA Jing
Graduate Student KURIHARA Junko
Student QIAN Huilin
Student LIU Xiaoyu
Student WEN Liang
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The department of International Nursing Development was established in order to educate nurses who will develop skills as educators and researchers to become world recognized leaders in nursing. In this graduate program, we support students in acquisition of international points of view, appropriate manner as a scholar, and international research methodology, which are necessary for global nursing. By conducting all lectures and seminars in our graduate courses in English, we make the effort to improve and/or maintain English skills of the students.
We welcome international students!
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We are going to develop a new nursing theory for adult and elderly people’s health problems from the international point of view. We discuss appropriate health care systems suitable for conditions in each country, culture and social needs through comparison with other countries.
One recent research theme is the comparison of the relationship between perceived control and outcomes of patients with acute coronary syndrome between Japan and United States. We are conducting this research with faculty members of Showa University and Illinois Wesleyan University. It is said that Japanese people have a culture of depending on medical workers in terms of decision making, but we are investigating if the perceived control is actually different between patients in Japan and United States and if perceived control is related to outcomes of Japanese patients. Graduate students in the department are going to explore the health problems in foreign students, and activities and difficulties of foreign nurses who work in Japan.
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Our goal is to educate nurses to play a role in globalizing society from the view point of Human Development Studies. The primary focus is on educating nursing scholars who can conduct international studies.
1) Undergraduate program
We teach two main courses which support development of international nursing scholars in the undergraduate program: “International Health Nursing” and “Practicum of Nursing synthesis”.
The first course is “International Health Nursing”. In this course, we focus on the essence of health and nursing problems of people relating to history and change of social history in each area and country. In addition, we review medical and nursing problems in countries. We use a remote lecture system and provide a lecture of Dr. Vico Chiang from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Dr. Ann Eckhardt from Illinois Wesleyan University in the US in English. In “Practicum of Nursing synthesis”, students learn taking care of more plural patients and foreign patients, and collaboration in team health care system.
The second course in the program is a free elective course, “Practicum of English for Nursing,” for 2nd ~ 4th year students. In this course, student will learn transcultural nursing in English. Students will also introduce and discuss their own culture with foreign students. They learn not only different cultures, and specific nursing expressions, but also practical English in foreign medical facilities and research institutes and presentation techniques. We encourage students to have interest in different cultures and global society, and have a motivation to find their own tasks to contribute global nursing.
In “Thesis”, a student surveyed with nursing students about motivation for studying English at the university and another student surveyed with nurses about necessary training for taking care of foreign patients. A student interviewed with 12 nurses who went to Nepal to help people after earthquake in 2015, and summarized nursing activities and future tasks. She gave an oral presentation in World Academy of Nursing Science in 2017, and currently her research paper is being reviewed by an English academic journal.

2) Graduate program
We are in charge of two courses: “Research Design for Nursing (International Comparison)” and “International Nursing Research Methodology”. In “Research Design for Nursing (International Comparison)”, we read and critique international comparative study. In “International Nursing Research Methodology”, students are practicing English academic presentation and writing a research proposal in English.

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Lectures & Courses

Our goal is to educate nurses who can play a role in globalizing society from the view point of Human Development Studies. We also focus on developing abilities to be able to give a presentation and communicate in English in academic situations. Research areas are focus on improving health care system for adult and elderly people from the global point of view.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

We have summer study tour in Seattle in the US. We visit University of Washington and affiliated Medical Center, and have volunteer activities and communication nursing practice in Nikkei Manor and Keiro Northwest.
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