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Title Name Researcher information
Professor OKUBU Kenichi
Junior Associate Professor HIRONORI Ishibashi
Assistant Professor KOBAYASHI Masashi
Graduate Student TAKAHASHI Kenn
Graduate Student BABA Shun'Ichi
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Department of Thoracic Surgery deal with clinical management, basic and clinical research, and education of thoracic surgery, which includes surgical diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases.
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・Minimally invasive surgery for lung cancer
・Multimodal treatments for thoracic malignancies
・Surgery for metastatic lung tumors
・Clinico-pathological studies on lung cancer
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Department of Thoracic Surgery has a mission to educate medical post-graduates for expert thoracic surgeons. Thoracic surgeon requires the Board of Surgery and the Board of Thoracic Surgery to perform clinical cares as a specialist. We provide clinical specialty course for thoracic surgery and graduate course for thoracic surgery, and support to obtain the boards.
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Clinical Services & Other Works

Out-patient Clinic: Tuesday, Thursday,Friday
Operative Day: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Clinical Conference: Monday
Chest Conference : Monday
Clinico-pathological Conference: Wednesday
Medical Round: every morning
Professor's Round: Tuesday
Journal Club: Tuesday (every other week)
Mortality & Morbidity Conference: Tuesday (every other week)
Lab Meeting: Tuesday (monthly)
Scientific Meeting: Japan Surgical Society, Japanese Association for Chest Surgery, Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery, Japan Lung Cancer Society, Japan Society for Respiratory Endoscopy
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Clinical Performances

Thoracic Surgery deal with surgical treatment for lung, mediastinum, pleura and chest wall. We provide high-grade medical care as a university hospital. We offer less invasive surgery for early-stage lung cancers or benign diseases, and multimodality treatment for locally advanced thoracic malignancies.
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