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Associate Professor HARA Masayuki
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Research Subjects
1) Reaction mechanisms of cellular protection systems against environmental oxidation stresses.
2) Modifying mechanisms in higher order structure of chromatin in cellular differentiation.
3) Shifting mechanisms in proteome profiles of cell organelle between pre and post conditions in environment, cell differentiation, disease, or drug exposure.
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Living organisms were influenced their life by environment and adapted themselves to it, however, they formed environment and affected it. In other words, the species that cannot fit the changing environment were fallen and replaced by the new species which could adapt itself to. The organisms are as a part of the global environment, so it is thought that the individual structure and working of them are necessary environmental measures for their survival. It may be said that it is excessive suddenness of the change that human activity is environmentally-impacted now.
Main objective of cellular and environmental biology in the graduate course is to provide students opportunity to study the reaction and adaptation of the organisms for the environmental change at cellular level, to consider hazardous property, toxicity, or physiological activity of environmental (or man-made) factor, and to mention the biotechnical action to the environmental problems.
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